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Cleo Madison

Hey guys!! 💛 I have to jump on here and talk about mom clothes for a second, because I swear…I either look great & done up or a hot mess express in yoga pants. There is no in between 🙈 HOWEVER… I’ve recently started wearing rompers/jumpsuits and they just might be the solution to all…… Continue reading Cleo Madison

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Best Baby Toys for 9-12 month olds

Hi guys! ❤️ I promised a blog post about toys when Aurora was 9 months and never got it up! But as it turns out, interests change pretty quickly for babies, so I’m glad I waited! Now that she’s 11 months old, I’ve come up with 5 of our favorite toys she uses daily! 1.…… Continue reading Best Baby Toys for 9-12 month olds

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A Letter to my Former Pregnant Self

A Letter to my Former Pregnant Self: Get off the floor. Stop shaking. Splash some water on your face. You’ll be okay, and so will she… YES, it’s a girl. Your daughter. 💞 Her name is Aurora, and her smile lights up your entire world. She is perfect. I know you don’t understand how she…… Continue reading A Letter to my Former Pregnant Self