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Spring Adventures with an 18 month old

Hey guys!! ❤️ So a little life update: Aurora is 18 months old, wanting to adventure 24/7, is in the middle of potty training, and has also learned to say “yes and “no”…so you can imagine we have our hands full 😂 One thing we’ve learned is that getting her out of the house first…… Continue reading Spring Adventures with an 18 month old

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Cleo Madison

Hey guys!! 💛 I have to jump on here and talk about mom clothes for a second, because I swear…I either look great & done up or a hot mess express in yoga pants. There is no in between 🙈 HOWEVER… I’ve recently started wearing rompers/jumpsuits and they just might be the solution to all…… Continue reading Cleo Madison

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Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’ve always been a holiday obsessed person & now that I have a baby it’s only gotten worse 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ I have Valentine’s Day Fever this time of year and Aurora has an entire wardrobe to match ❤️ I obviously get a lot of her outfits from Gap & Old Navy. They have sales ALL the…… Continue reading Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

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My Postpartum Wardrobe

While I was pregnant I never really thought about how much my wardrobe would change as a new mom. I was excited to get back into my old clothes until I realized most of them were MAJORLY inconvenient for breastfeeding (or just majorly uncomfortable). I’m home most of the time with Aurora so I have…… Continue reading My Postpartum Wardrobe

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Bianco Smile

I’m super excited to share my results from this review. I’ve wanted to try a charcoal whitening powder for a while now and I’m happy to say it worked! I’m all about whitening my teeth…I have a fake tooth right in front thanks to a childhood incident that is a slightly different color than the…… Continue reading Bianco Smile

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7 Pregnancy Must-Haves

This is my first pregnancy and I am only 30 weeks along, so all of these “must-haves” are coming from my own personal experience and are completely my opinion. However, I love everything on this list and have been using these things religiously since my pregnancy started. There are a couple things I debated putting…… Continue reading 7 Pregnancy Must-Haves

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11 Summer Beauty Essentials

Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer $12.29- This is my every day moisturizer. I have pretty sensitive skin so this is nice and gentle, PLUS it has SPF 15 so it’s great for a summer moisturizer. Vaseline Rosy Lips $3.49- A perfect moisturizing lip balm with just the right amount of red for a neutral rosy… Continue reading 11 Summer Beauty Essentials