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Toddler Girl Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas we are keeping it sweet and simple. Aurora is 3 and these are all gifts we’ve either given her before or are giving her this year:

1. Bows – These are my favorite for Aurora lately!! I usually buy the matching color in a smaller bow for Violet too. 2. Ugg Boots – The easiest winter shoe for toddlers!! Socks or no socks they keep their feet warm 🙌🏻 3. Dress-Up Rack – Aurora’s big present from Santa this year will be a clothing rack with tutus and dress up clothes. I’ve linked one similar to the picture here! 4. Play-Doh 5. Tutus 6. Alarm Clock – I’m so excited about this gift! We’re trying to teach time right now, especially when to wake up (since she gets up so early!) so I’ll let you know how we like it! 7. Cable knit tights 8. Cuddle & Kind Doll – Perfect for a stocking stuffer or gift! 9. Chutes & Ladders – We’re adding board games to the list this year so we can pay extra attention to the time we spend together and with Aurora during these early baby days! & 10. Candy Land





Let me know if you found any of these helpful, and have a Merry Christmas!! ❤️ XO -Elizabeth @blooming.little.blondes

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