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Baby Girl Christmas Gift Guide 0-6 Months

With Christmas coming up, I wanted to compile my favorite gifts for baby girls. A short list, but Violet will only be 3 months old at Christmas! I’ve added a few toys but most things are practical:

1. Bows

2. Silicone Bib

3. Rubber blocks – We still have these blocks from when Aurora was a baby. They were a hit!

4. Frogs – These frogs were Aurora’s favorite too, so I’m hoping Violet loves them!

5. Cuddle & Kind Doll

6. Cable Knit Knee Highs– My favorite tights for baby.

7. Baby Swing – This will be Violet’s big present this year. We had a similar swing for A when she was this age and it helped keep her entertained so much!





Let me know if you found any of these helpful, and have a Merry Christmas!! ❤️ XO -Elizabeth @blooming.little.blondes

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