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Our Wedding Story


The Elopement

Steven and I had been engaged since I was 5 months pregnant with Aurora. Marriage was something we had always discussed and planned on before we found out we’d be parents, but with a new baby girl on the way we held off. For months I pinned my “perfect wedding” thinking that it had to live up to some standard of what I’d seen online, and was having so much trouble figuring out how we would pay for it. When I finally began to make my guest list, I realized that the wedding I was planning wasn’t even for me, and I began to rework things.

We decided we were going to plan an elopement. I wanted it to be only us and our daughter, and that we would focus on the things that we thought were important. What resulted was the most magical day of my life, and an intimate wedding that I will never forget. In total, we still spent around $2,000, but it saved us from planning an event that was all for show and would put us into debt.

The Details

We spent the night before our wedding in a cabin in the woods called the Bluebird Cabin. It had a beautiful view of a pond & all the seclusion we wanted. There was an old phonograph there to play music & it truly felt like we were in a dream.

I put together my own flower bouquets, made with sunflowers and baby’s breath from the grocery store + wild daisies that Steven picked for me the day before. We wrote eachother letters to say all of the things we might forget during our vows, and read them right before he got to see me in my dress for the first time. I cried…A LOT.



At no point did I even think about not having Aurora with us. She has been with us every step of the way, and made the most beautiful flower girl for mama.

Her dress is from Jamie Kay and mine is Filly Boo Maternity


The Wedding

We drove back into town to get married at the City Clerk’s Office. We held off on having the photographer in the room with us, so that we could keep it intimate. The whole time we waited Aurora was so happy she got her own bouquet and kept saying “baby flowers? Mommy flowers!” – I’ll never forget how excited she was.

We wrote our own vows & Steven cried even more than I did. It was a beautiful, private, perfect ceremony.

The Celebration

After we said I do we headed back to the cabin for champagne and cake! I’m so proud of our homemade cake. It was honestly better than any wedding cake I’ve ever had (Cake recipe here) and we spent the rest of the day in the sunshine at our cabin 🙂



 I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. We’re officially:

The Padgetts ❤️

Blooming Little Blondes Instagram







Photos by Cassandra Michelle Photo

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