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Our Spring Vacay: Asheville – Charleston – Savannah

Hey guys!! ❤️

If you’ve been following along with my family on Instagram, you probably already know that we recently took a trip to the south! I shared so many of our fun experiences at @blooming.little.blondes – but I’m finally getting around to all of our pictures and sharing some of our favorite sites from the trip.

We started in Asheville, NC visiting my sister, then drove to Charleston, SC, and ended the trip in Savannah, GA. It was such a dreamy trip 💗 I’d highly recommend these cities to visit in the springtime or summer!

Asheville, NC

Places to see:

• The North Carolina Arboretum

• Blue Ridge Parkway

Fav Restaurants:

• Zillicoah Beer Company (outdoor seating & toys for kids w/ a local taco truck)

• Wicked Weed Brewing Pub

Charleston, SC

Places to see:

• Magnolia Plantation

• Rainbow Row

• Angel Oak Tree

• Folly Beach

Fav Restaurants:

• The Lost Dog Café (Folly Beach) – we visited this restaurant for breakfast before the beach. It was perfect! Great food, dog pictures all around, and an awesome spot for families.

• Fuel Cantina – This restaurant was right near our Air B&B…we almost passed it because it didn’t look like anything special but it was SO GOOD. Indoor/outdoor seating with great tacos and a full bar.

Savannah, GA

Places to see:

• Wormsloe Historic Site

• The Historic District

• Forsyth Park

Fav Restaurants:

(I must add…by the end of our trip we were just winging it. We went to a couple restaurants that were just okay, but we got LOTS of sweets)

• Leopold’s Ice Cream – (Prepare yourself for a little bit of a wait. The line is long but worth the wait. This place has been around since 1919)

• Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

• Marche de Macarons

Other Travel Tips

  1. Packing is key I thought I was overpacking and only brought one outfit/day 😂 … I nearly had nothing to wear by the end of the trip. We were outdoors 90% of the time and I ended up needing to change halfway through every day. Bring lots of light dresses!
  2. Invest in good luggage I brought my Fawn Design Weekender Bag for all of Aurora’s things, and it was SO much nicer than my own unorganized suitcase. I’ll most likely be getting a new suitcase soon 😉 but I’d highly recommend the Fawn Design Weekender for baby’s things or toiletries.
  3. Take breaks – I can’t stress this enough. We’re GO-GO-GO kind of people when on vacation and we were quite burnt out before even reaching Savannah (literally sunburnt to a crisp + SO TIRED 😅) Sometimes nap time at the hotel is needed, even if you are still feeling adventurous.
  4. Lastly, stay calm – Traveling with a toddler (or kids in general) is way less relaxing than it should be! But it is possible to still enjoy your vacation if you just stay calm & go with the flow. We sang songs with Aurora, counted, took her to multiple playgrounds, and tried to make the adventure just as much hers as it was ours…and it kept the stress of traveling low.





Hope you’ve enjoyed following along! Let me know if you have any questions or take any of my recommendations ☺️



XO – Elizabeth ❤️


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