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Spring Adventures with an 18 month old

Hey guys!! ❤️

So a little life update: Aurora is 18 months old, wanting to adventure 24/7, is in the middle of potty training, and has also learned to say “yes and “no”…so you can imagine we have our hands full 😂

One thing we’ve learned is that getting her out of the house first thing in the morning greatly improves her mood (and mine!) and she naps much better later in the day.

I’m kind of a homebody when it comes to being a stay at home mom, so this has pushed me out of my comfort zone. But sometimes even a small trip to Target or to pick up pre-ordered groceries is enough to get out of the house.

If we’re feeling adventurous we take her hiking, to explore and shoot content, or like this chilly spring day- we visited the greenhouse!

That’s all!

XO – Elizabeth ❤️


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