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Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Books 💌

Hey guys!! ❤️

I’ve added a few Valentine’s Day books to Aurora’s collection. After searching on my own, I found that most Valentine’s Day books out there are just holiday themed versions of other books – not originals. So I went on a search for books about love, hugs + kisses, and hearts. Here are my top favorites! All of these can be found on Amazon:

1. Mirabel’s Missing Valentines

This is by far my favorite. Mirabel is too shy to give her Valentine’s away, but she quickly learns how happy it makes everyone.

2. Hug Machine

This one is Aurora’s favorite. It’s a very short, straightforward book about a little boy and how powerful his hugs are. Perfect for toddlers.

3. I Heart You

I absolutely love the illustrations in this book. It reads almost like a poem & is very beautiful!

4. In My Heart

Lastly, this book teaches kids emotions while they turn the page and get closer to the last heart. I love the way they describe each emotion; my heart is sad, my heart is happy, my heart is mad, etc. I think this one will be around in our collection for a long while!



That’s all! I mixed in a few of her old books on the shelf- mainly loved themed ones or girly/pink ones to match! Let me know if you have any questions on any of the other books 🙂


XO – Elizabeth ❤️

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