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Regalo 8 Panel My Play Portable Play Yard

Hello July 👋🏻

So summer totally crept up on us! All of the sudden Aurora was 9 months old, crawling everywhere, and we had nowhere to put her down! It was especially hard to take her outside. This girl LOVES to eat grass. It was impossible to let her crawl around without her getting into mischief or putting something in her mouth. She hated her Pack & Play and I was at wits end trying to keep her in one spot. I was so excited to find the Regalo 8 Panel My Play Portable Play Yard 💞

The 8 Panel My Play Portable Play Yard is truly that – portable! Unlike many other play yards, this one can fold up in seconds and with a baby in your arms.

The play yard is ideal for at home, traveling, at the park, or the beach. It measures 62″ wide and 26″ high, and is super durable! It’s made from heavy duty, water resistant material to keep damp grass or little spills from seeping through. The sides are mesh and the bottom is easily wipeable nylon, making it perfect for those messy days!

Aurora is so peaceful in here! The sides are easy to see out of so she doesn’t feel trapped and it makes me feel so much better knowing she’s not crawling into trouble again 😜 I also open it up in the living room all the time so I can clean or cook and still keep an eye on her.

This play yard is best suited for children 6-24 months & is perfect for play dates too! The extra eighth panel gives babies more room to crawl around.

I can not recommend this play yard enough! If you’re looking for something that is packable, portable, and convenient, this is the play yard for you.

This safety gate has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Learn more about Regalo here.

XO- Elizabeth❤️

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