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Raised Real Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out Raised Real – they deliver healthy, organic, fresh meals for babies and toddlers straight to your doorstep! All you have to do is cook or steam the packets and purée or mash to your baby’s liking!

For toddlers, meals are ready to go once cooked! They are seriously SO convenient.

The meals are designed for easy storage in your freezer, and come in this specially designed cooler- so you never have to worry about them staying fresh while out for delivery!

Every box is filled with two weeks of meals- 20 pouches, with 5 different recipes.

I was instantly impressed by the flavor combinations offered. Aurora loves food, but lately she’s been pushing away solids- vegetables in particular…which she used to love.

She’s honestly pretty picky sometimes. When we gave her squeeze pouches it was hard to figure out which flavor she didn’t like, yet when I homemade her food I often ended up with several cups of a flavor she also didn’t love! We tried her first Raised Real meal and she just wanted more and more!

She was able to try many different flavors with these meals & we’ve discovered some of her new favorite foods…she loves chickpeas!

I also love that these meals have not sat on a shelf for months. Some of the food that comes from the store is older than her! Yikes. All of these meals are fresh, organic, and from sustainable farms. They even have a special flash freezing process to lock in all the nutrients.

Ready to try your own?! Sign Up & use code ELIZABETH25 for $25 off your first box!!!

XO- Elizabeth ❤️

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