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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day

Hello loves! 💞 Can you believe Mother’s Day is in just two weeks?! It feels like yesterday I was celebrating my “first” Mother’s Day with a little 5 month baby bump.

I still remember being a kid and arguing with my mom that she didn’t need a whole day for herself (I even think I asked when child appreciation day was) …HA I was so wrong. You’ll never really understand how much your mom has done for you until you have a baby of your own. Moms are amazing!!! This year I’ve put together a few things that I would love for Mother’s Day, and a few things I personally have/use that would make great gifts for that mama in your life.

Gift Guide

1. Flowers 💐

This one is a no brainer, guys. I LOVE flowers. I’m a flower person, they make me so happy! If you don’t get anything else on this list, at least buy the special ladies in your life some flowers.

2. Card

This gesture isn’t dead either- I’ve saved every card I’ve gotten since I was a teenager. I have different boxes for different stages of my life and it’s so sweet to open up cards later in life and read those loving messages. Don’t skip the card!

3. Jewelry

One of the first things I wanted after having my baby girl was a necklace to wear to hold over my heart and to represent her being with me always. I have this necklace from Jays & Jewels that has an A for Aurora and her birthstone, sapphire.

They also make matching mommy and me sets!!

4. Mama Tee

For those new mamas especially, having anything that says mom or mama is so special. I like this one from Bee & Mae.

They have so many awesome tees for moms. Also, if you’re wondering…my suspender skirt in this pic is linked here.

I also love Savage Seeds tees. You’ve probably seen me rocking my Mama Wolf tee in my pictures. They have tons of great mommy and me sets too!

5. Robe

I used to think it was silly how much time my mom spent in her robes. Now that I’m a mom I totally get it. You’re the first one up in the house each morning and have to throw something on. Having a beautiful robe makes starting the day seem a little more luxurious, even if your night was full of baby feedings and no sleep 😉

I have a robe from Pink Blush. I can’t find my exact robe anymore, but I’ll honestly probably be buying another here soon just because I like them so much. They’re great for nursing moms!

6. Wine.

No explanation needed here.

7. Skincare

Alright, skincare is expensive! Your wife/mom/baby mama might already have a skincare routine, so go check your medicine cabinet and restock them before they’re out! Trust me…they’ll appreciate you saving them $70 and the guilt of buying it for themselves. My favorite skincare line lately has been this.

It’s collagen boosted and I LOVE IT.

8. Makeup

Another great suggestion! Sephora has lots of great gift suggestions under their Mother’s Day category. This makeup set from Benefit contains so many of my favorite items!

I use almost everything in this gift set & would highly recommend it!

9. Perfume

Lastly, perfume is always a great gift. If you don’t know what perfume the mama in your life uses, a sampler set is a great option. It’s also fun for trying out new scents. I love this set – it has tons of perfumes I’ve worn in the past.

This is another great option, and just a little cheaper!!

That’s all!!

Have any other suggestions? Leave a comment below and let me know 🙂 When I was pregnant last year, Steven also bought a few baby items and I think that’s a great idea too!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

XO – Elizabeth

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