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Time for a Big(ger) Girl Bed: DockATot Grand Review

The DockATot Grand

How is Aurora 7 months old already?! It seems like yesterday I put her down in her crib as a newborn and asked my fiancé, “which way does she go?!” …because she was literally so small it didn’t matter 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

Well, those days are over (cue sobbing 😭)…A isn’t so little anymore and she’s outgrown the co-sleeper we had been using. We needed something for her to sleep and nap in that still held her in so she felt secure.

I’m so happy that we were gifted this lounger by DockATot ❤️

Product Info

The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. Designed in Sweden & made in Europe. They make 2 different sizes:

  1. The DockATot Deluxe (ideal for 0-8 months)

  2. The DockATot Grand (ideal for 9-36 months)

Our Experience

Since Aurora is just 7 months old I wanted to start transitioning her sooner than later to really get her used to it. I was shocked at how much she loves playing in her dock though! They aren’t kidding when they say this is a playtime lounger.

We set up the DockATot the first day we got it and Aurora played in it all afternoon! She’s still learning how to sit up 100% so it caught her perfectly when she would fall to each side!

The Design

The floral print shown here is the cover I chose: La Vie en Rose but the standard dock comes in Pristine White. They have SO MANY other beautiful covers too!

BONUS: they’re made with all natural 100% cotton & are OEKO-TEX certified!

We turned on A’s noise machine for nap time and let her play in her DockATot until she fell asleep 🙌🏻✨

I love that these loungers are tested for breathability so I can rest easy letting her snooze away! They are also specially designed with the ideal micro-climate for babies, so baby will never overheat or suffer from excess perspiration.

Why We Love it

So, I hope I’ve converted you. These loungers are worth the hype! I’m most excited that this is a product she can use as she grows. She’ll now have a comforting sleep area and an easy transition to her toddler bed later. Plus…this print makes such a lovely statement in her bedroom. The quality and design that DockATot puts into every piece is amazing & there really is a dock for every style!

Discount Code

You can purchase your own Dock & save $10 with my code here: DockATot Discount Code 💞

Let me know if I’ve inspired you to get your own DockATot! I’d love to hear your experience!! 🙂


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