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Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’ve always been a holiday obsessed person & now that I have a baby it’s only gotten worse 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ I have Valentine’s Day Fever this time of year and Aurora has an entire wardrobe to match ❤️

I obviously get a lot of her outfits from Gap & Old Navy. They have sales ALL the time so these prices may change daily. Here are some of my favorites:

1.Gap Floral Eyelet Ruffle Dress- $29.99 (I paid $9) this is by far my favorite of her Valentine’s Day dresses. They eyelet lace is only at the top though! I didn’t know this when ordering online (it seems so obvious now lol) so it looked a bit different in person. 2. Gap Rose Floral Bell Dress-$17.99 I almost snatched this dress up during Christmas time and am so happy they kept it around for Valentine’s Day! 3. Gap Floral Peter Pan Collar Bodysuit-$9.00 (I paid $4) these Peter Pan collars make any outfit look a little more dressed up! I’ve been looking for the perfect jumper to pair it with but haven’t found one yet. 4. Old Navy Ruffle Tiered Velvet Dress-$18.97 We bought this dress for Aurora for New Year’s Eve, but it works perfectly for Valentine’s Day too! It’s more of a pink/purple looking velvet in person, but looks so cute with a little cardigan. 5. Old Navy Graphic Body Suit-$5.00 I’m all for simple bodysuits that can be worn multiple times. This love bodysuit isn’t overwhelmingly Valentine’s Day themed so Aurora can wear it until she grows out of it. 6. Gymboree Heart Tights-$2.97 I’m not sure if all of them are, but our Gymboree is going out of business so I got these rights super cheap, but they are on sale on the website as well! The hearts fall perfectly on her knees! 7. Savage Seeds Matching Pink Girl Power Top-$23.00 & $27.00 Aurora & I have these matching tops!! Savage Seeds always has the Girl Power sets in white, but just recently released the pink- they are so perfect for the holiday ❤️💞 Lastly, I’m adding some items I wish I would’ve gotten (and may still) because they are so darn cute!

1.Old Navy Ruffle Trim One Piece-$14.99 2. Old Navy Chambray Heart Print Button Front Top-$16.99 Let me know what your favorites are!


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