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My Postpartum Wardrobe

While I was pregnant I never really thought about how much my wardrobe would change as a new mom. I was excited to get back into my old clothes until I realized most of them were MAJORLY inconvenient for breastfeeding (or just majorly uncomfortable). I’m home most of the time with Aurora so I have a pretty relaxed wardrobe, but I also teach dance so workout clothes were a must. Here are all my favorites:

  1. Old Navy Button Down Flannel Dress – Old Navy makes these dresses in a lot of different patterns so I snagged two before the holidays. Anything that buttons is great when breastfeeding because it means easy access 🙈 I also paired it with this vest listed next!
  2. H&M Fur Vest – Not only does this vest just complete an outfit, but it helps cover up leaks too! 😂🍼 …No joke, I had a problem with an overactive letdown and Aurora used to get milk EVERYWHERE. I love having a vest on just in case things get messy- both the flannel dress & vest pictured below 👇🏻
  3. Pink Blush Button Down Maternity Dress – I wore this pregnant and a million times right after Aurora was born. It was my go to dress in September when we had visitors. Great color, simple fit, and super convenient.
  4. Pink Blush Chambray Button Down –I can’t find my exact shirt on Pink Blush anymore, but a simple chambray shirt or shirt dress is a great staple item. It goes with so many things and looks great on just about everyone.
  5. Lalabu Leggings –I got to try out these leggings in collaboration with Lalabu and I’m not lying they are the greatest leggings ever. I would suggest them to anyone (not just moms) because the high-waisted compression panel holds you in and makes you feel like you look great 24/7.
  6. C9 Champion Leggings –These leggings are definitely not as supportive as my Lalabu leggings, but are a great option if you’re looking for something cheaper. They are also high waisted (which I’m all about with this postpartum belly)
  7. Nursing Bras –No explanation needed here, but I’m much more of a “sleep” nursing bra kind of person. I don’t usually wear any wires so I didn’t want them in my nursing bras either. These are my favorites.

I also just throw on a nursing bra with a zip up jacket a lot, it’s pretty much my go-to at home! Motherhood (breastfeeding especially) is tough, I hope this helps you make things simpler!! Leave any other suggestions you have for me 😊

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