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Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’ve always been a holiday obsessed person & now that I have a baby it’s only gotten worse 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ I have Valentine’s Day Fever this time of year and Aurora has an entire wardrobe to match ❤️ I obviously get a lot of her outfits from Gap & Old Navy. They have sales ALL the…… Continue reading Aurora’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

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My Postpartum Wardrobe

While I was pregnant I never really thought about how much my wardrobe would change as a new mom. I was excited to get back into my old clothes until I realized most of them were MAJORLY inconvenient for breastfeeding (or just majorly uncomfortable). I’m home most of the time with Aurora so I have…… Continue reading My Postpartum Wardrobe