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Our Tree Farm Trip

So even though Aurora mostly just sleeps and eats, we’re determined to start the holiday traditions this year. She’s now 11 weeks old and her personality is SHINING through. She loves to “talk” to us, smiles at me all day, and has started testing all things in life with her mouth.

Anyway! We made it to the tree farm in town this last Monday and it was an adorable experience. I’ll admit, I have too much anxiety to take her places on Saturdays right now…it’s the combination of nursing every 2 hours with her having reflux and crying uncontrollably/being in public while all of this is happening. BUT I am getting better at being patient with myself and her and we go places on weekdays because it’s easier.


Disclaimer: we did not get a tree! Lol. We already have a fake tree, so until that starts to wear out we’re going to rock it, but why miss out on all the fun of going to the tree farm?!



We woke Aurora up to get out of the car and she was immediately unhappy. I think the wind and sunshine were bothering her when she was just trying to nap. Poor girl! But we still got giggles out of her and took some cute pictures on a beautiful day.


The tree farm also had a wreath making station and a gift shop! We got free popcorn and hot cocoa and bought Aurora her first angel ornament. She was back asleep by the time we even got to the gift shop, but I am loving these tiny adventures with her!




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