Aurora’s Nursery

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Hey guys! This post is all about what I’ve put into my baby girl’s nursery. We didn’t have a big budget AT ALL for this space so I’m incredibly happy that it turned out to be as beautiful as it did. I will link all the things that were bought for the nursery, but we also received a lot of things as gifts. So many of the other pieces in this room are things we already had or that had been given to me by family- but that makes it all the more special. We knew we wanted to do a woodland themed nursery whether our baby was a boy or a girl. Now that we know that little Miss Aurora Jean is a girl, everything has turned a shade of pink (LOL). We tried to keep the woodland theme throughout the room- just in a more enchanted way.

I know this is a pretty big trend right now. Like, who decided owls were for girls all the sudden and made them all pink? Why are bears for boys? Who knows?! But I particularly loved the idea of little deer all over her room, which goes perfectly with this glass jewelry box that was passed down to me and I’ve had since I was little. This is where a lot of my inspiration started from!

This jewelry box sits on a dresser that we refinished. This dresser was made by my grandpa and has been a million different colors. It took forever and I still want to change certain parts of it, but I love how it looks now. We also repainted this mirror that has been in my bedroom since middle school. Simple items like my old point shoes and fresh roses just completed the whole look. The nightlight on the dresser can be found at Target:

• Starry Globe Nightlight – Pillowfort $16.99

We also decorated the room with woodland creatures that were used at our baby shower.

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The teepee pictured was made for us by my sister and brother-in-law for our baby shower. Inside the teepee is a rocking chair my grandpa made for me when I was little & the bunny sitting on it was my fiance’s stuffed animal from childhood.

Our crib was a present from my mom, one of the only new items for the nursery. It is a Jenny Lind Crib & we got it at Babies R Us. The mattress was also given to us as a present. I bought numerous sheets for the crib that are plain and will be used for backups, but the crib sheet pictured is Little Unicorn and can be found at Target. I’m also in love with this bear pillow from Target (another gift)! We handmade her floral A with products from Hobby Lobby. I’d say it probably cost us around $50.00 because we bought a wooden A to make sure it would last longer, painted it, & used several different bouquets of fake flowers that we cut up and glued on. Her custom-made name sign was ordered from an Etsy shop, Bending Birch Designs. I would highly recommend her shop! My order came quickly and was exactly what I pictured. This shag rug is from TJ Maxx (around $12?) but I have since thrown away the tags…sorry! Her curtains are also from TJ Maxx, but were in our bedroom for the last year. We loved how the tree branches added to the woodland theme. All the links below:

• DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib $149.98

• Little Unicorn Fitted Crib Sheet – Watercolor Rose $26.95

• Flower Bear Throw Pillow – 16″x16″ – Pillowfort $16.99

• Bending Birch Designs Custom Wood Sign 18” Round $60.00

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We took the doors off her closet because I personally love the look and think it helps me stay organized. I already had these baskets and pink sash, but I bought the two storage bins separately. These are no longer sold but I only paid around $4 each for them. Her newborn-3 month clothes are hanging up and everything else is in her dresser. We also have built-in cabinets and drawers in her room where I’ve stored all of her extra diapers and wipes. I’ll be using the tub in the bottom as her laundry bin (it was also a gift), and I have her diaper station organized in this Trend Lab Diaper Caddy:

• Trend Lab Chevron Storage Caddy $19.99

The caddy is much smaller than I pictured but it is very sturdy. The prices vary depending on color!

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We already had this tall white shelf which holds her baby books. We spray painted all the hardware in the room this gold color to match the mirror. On top is a baby monitor we received as a gift and an antique piggy bank we also received. This storage bin to the right of the shelf is from Babies R Us. She got so many blankets that we put the large ones in her dresser and all of her smaller swaddles are kept in this bin. If I can give any advice to new moms it would be to not buy baby blankets! I swear, these are everyone’s favorite gift to give at a baby shower. Aurora has quite the collection.

• Koala Baby Ombre Jute Round Bin – Pink $6.98

And that’s it! I opted out of a lot of “necessary” nursery items because of our budget, like a mobile or humidifier. Our house is also really small so I didn’t think an expensive video monitor was really worth it. A beautiful nursery is totally possible without spending thousands of dollars, and even though everyone keeps telling me that the baby will barely spend any time in there in the beginning anyway, I’m the type of person who needs a separate room for her things just to make my brain happy. I read a lot of people’s opinions on having a glider in the nursery. Most people said it ended up catching clothes and you won’t end up sitting in there. My fiance’s mom bought us a rocking recliner for the living room instead. I just think that makes sense, but we do have an old rocking chair that’s currently on our front porch. Maybe we’ll bring that in in the winter. Anyway, I hope this helps someone else! Anyone have any suggestions?

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