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What’s in my Hospital Bag?

I was pretty insistent on using new bags for this experience (for whatever reason), so we are using our diaper bag and a weekender diaper bag that we got. The diaper bag I purchased is from Coco & Kiwi. It is the Provence Bag and usually goes for $110.00. I was lucky enough to get a bag for only $55.00 when they had a batch with “slightly off” stripes so…SCORE. I love it. It doesn’t look like a regular diaper bag but has plenty of pockets and compartments. I’ve actually been using it as an oversized purse lately. I packed Aurora’s baby things in that bag. The second bag we got is a Columbia brand weekender diaper bag. My fiancé likes this brand, plus it is all black and is something he can carry when we are out of town…aka the “weekender” bag. It opens up to a huge amount of storage space with a really easy to clean lining. We are using this bag for our things for the hospital. Now…what’s in my bags?!

Baby Bag

  1. Baby Book– From what I’ve heard, the hospital can stamp baby’s foot right into your book if you have it with you, so WHY NOT?
  2. Baby Outfits– I’ve included three. LOL…yes three. I’m not sure I’ll need all of these, but she’s going to be born in September so there’s a chance it could be really hot or really not. One is just a onesie, one is a full sleeper, and one is a gown. I picked one out specifically for her to wear, but in case it doesn’t fit right, I’m sure one of the other ones will!
  3. Baby Socks-I just packed one pair. The outfit I want to put baby Aurora in is footed, but in case she wears something else and needs those little toes covered, she’ll be set.
  4. Swaddle
  5. Bow

Our Bag

  1. Birth Plan-I did not make one of these on my own. My hospital had one to fill out.
  2. Pre-Admission Questionnaire-I’m really not sure if this is standard at every hospital, but mine gave me a few pages to fill out before I get to the hospital. If you don’t bring this along, I’m sure they just give it to you to fill out there.
  3. Insurance Card & IDs
  4. Cash/Credit Cards
  5. Robe-I bought my robe from Pink Blush. It is very floral and beautiful, but also seems great for hanging out in after labor & for nursing.
  6. Large Comfy Underwear-I bought a pack of Hanes brand women’s boxer briefs in black. I know they give you mesh underwear, but I’ve also heard from some women that these are not really “one size fits all”.
  7. Pads/Silhouette Underwear-So I’ll admit, I bought myself some Depends Silhouette Underwear. They are basically really slim adult diapers with maximum absorbency. I really hate pads and how much they move around, yet stick to your underwear, so I’d rather just wear these. Call me crazy but they actually are pretty cute and come in colors like gray and purple.
  8. Toiletries-Everything to shower and get clean with. I packed: body wash, a loofa, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, a face scrub, deodorant, a hair brush, mini tooth brushes, mini toothpaste, lotion, face lotion. Hmmm…that may be all. But pack for you & your partner! You have no idea how short or long your labor might be so it’s safest to have these things. I also preferred to buy us travel versions of these items so they could be packed and ready to go instead of rushing to pack our normal items last minute.
  9. Make-up-For me, this is just tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, and lip balm. I tried to pack mini versions of things I already had so that I didn’t have to constantly get into my hospital bag in the weeks before.
  10. Flip-Flops-For the shower!
  11. Go-home outfit (for you & your partner)
  12. Nursing Bra
  13. Nipple Cream


  • Camera
  • Phones & Chargers
  • Snacks-For your partner!
  • Car seat

Things You Won’t Need

(This is according to my hospital, anyway.)

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Tucks/Witch Hazel
  • Dermoplast
  • Colace
  • Breast Pads
  • Socks (I was told we could have unlimited gripping socks! YAY.)

***I was also encouraged by the hospital staff to ask for samples if you need them. They have a lot of resources for moms and can give you lots of samples or other items that the hospital provides. This is NOT stealing. Many of these things are included in your hospital bill and are on hand in case you need them so ASK. Did I miss anything?

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